The "2022 Russia International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules, and Systems"

Date: 2023-08-18

Russia International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules and Systems 2022

The "2022 Russia International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules,  and Systems" was successfully held at the CROCUS-EXPO Exhibition Center in Russia on April 12-14, 2022.
The exhibition was founded by PRIMEXPO exhibition Group in 1997, once a year, has been successfully held 23 sessions; Later, it was jointly organized with the British ITE Exhibition Group, and was strongly supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the Moscow City Government, the Russian Electronics JSC and the Electronic Technology Development Foundation. According to the official data of the organizer, in 2018, the exhibition has 431 enterprises from 18 countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, France, and China, with an exhibition area of up to 16,490 square meters, attracting 11073 professional visitors from all over the world to come to the exhibition. Main areas Military industry, energy, technology, telecommunications, aerospace and Marine industry, transportation, urban facilities, the exhibition attracts the participation of microelectronics technology, electronic technology, high technology, measurement and industrial equipment, participants and companies supply more than 90% of Russia's electronic parts and modules.

The range of exhibits is:
All kinds of electronic components, electromechanical components, passive components and semiconductor products: chips, diodes, crystals, memory, processors, integrated circuits, photoelectric and display devices, connectors, all kinds of micro switches, relays, cables, filters, inductors, resistors, capacitors, transformers, microwave components, piezoelectric components, magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramic products, etc. Packaging systems, embedded systems, display products, power supplies, batteries, PCBS, ED/EDA and inspection technologies.
The exhibition formed five themes of consumer electronics, electronic components, power supplies, PCB and LED lighting, providing a good opportunity for mechanical and electrical products manufacturing enterprises to export to Russia.

The main fields of the exhibition include military industry, energy, technology, telecommunications,  aerospace and shipbuilding industry, transportation, urban facilities,  and attracted the participation of microelectronics technology, electronic technology, high-tech, measurement,  and industrial equipment.  Participants and companies supply over 90% of electronic parts and modules to Russia.