JB 599 Series


The company's main products are JB599 electrical connector, CH series push-pull self-locking aviation plug,

FZ/FS series waterproof connector, LW series threaded aviation plug, TLF/TLB/TLU military electrical connector, CPCI, CPCIE and High-speed Plate Pitch connector.


Products are widely used in aviation, naval ships, weapons, communications, railways, automobiles, communications,

electric power, industrial control, industrial automation and other fields;


The company can provide users with customized services, development, production of all kinds of special electrical connectors and cable assemblies.

It can replace  JST, Molex, TE, FCI, ERNI, LEMON, HARTINGHIROSE, ODU, Amphenol  and act.

JB599 Series : (1) JB599 I Series (2) JB599 I Series (3) JB599 IISeries -  a, Composite Materials   b, Metal Case

JB599 I Series


JB599 I Series pdf:/kindeditor/attached/file/20240123/20240123173345_96671.pdf

JB599 II Series


JB599 II Series pdf:/kindeditor/attached/file/20240123/20240123173509_59634.pdf

JB599 III Series


JB599 III Series pdf:    

 1: (Composite Materials) /kindeditor/attached/file/20240123/20240123173959_38445.pdf

2: (Metal case)  /kindeditor/attached/file/20240123/20240123174224_93806.pdf

HL-JB599 high frequency contact assembly instructions:/kindeditor/attached/file/20231103/20231103151431_10584.pdf

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