About Us

Hi!We are Beijing Hongli Kunpeng International Trade Co., LTD.

Our company was established in 2009 in Beijing.There are offices in Hongkong and Shanghai being responsible for warehousing receiving,shipping manufacturing sales and purchasing. We are mainly engaged in electronic components. we are one of the official distributions in China. We have our own R.D team.As for connectors, fans, mosfet and inductors, we can offer customization service.We facing domestic and foreign communication, security monitoring,consumer, automotive electronics,medical and intelligent products and other production-oriented enterprises. Over the years,we have always been committed to customer needs as the core honesty as the basis.customers are from China, Eastern Europe,the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.The annual sales is nearly 15 million US dollars.

● Agent production line

1, MCU: China brand can replace STM with pin to pin.
2,ADC(DAC): China brand for digital to analog converter(DAC) and Analog to Digital Converter(ADC),it can replace ADI,TI,MAXIM with pin to pin.
3, Power management IC:China brand can replace ADI,TI,MPS,Richtek with pin to pin.
4,Opto coupler: China brand can replace Avago, Fairchild, Toshiba,Panasonic,Sharp,Renesa,Liteon,Everlight with pin to pin.
5, Ethernet PHY chip:China brand can replace Realtek with pin to pin.
6, Encryption chip: Protect firmware and software;Prevent malicious copying.

● Production lines of factories:

Connectors, Mosfets, Crystal &Oscillators, Inductors and Fans.

we can offer customization service for you.We can offer you specifications for confirming as per the part no.which you need,and then, we can also offer the samples to you for test.

● OtherBrands:

Samsung,Micron,Richtek,Xilinx,ADI,ST,TI,Skyworks,Altera,Broadcom,Microchip,AVX,TDK, Murata,Yageo

Business philosophy

Hongli Kunpeng has always placed customer satisfaction as its top priority. We are constantly working on improving production procedures, productivity, production flexibility, and manufacturing efficiency.



    Excelling in professionalism with outstanding results and breakthroughs in company and employee improvement.

  • Connector INNOVATION

    Connector INNOVATION

    Exploring new ways of thinking and working, inventing innovative solutions while creating value.



    Being ethically unyielding and honest, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our promise.



    Providing the most optimal and best quality solutions through consistent and continuous improvement.

Our History


Beijing Hongli Kunpeng established its second office in Shanghai on October 28, 2019


Beijing Hongli Kunpeng established its Shanghai office on September 30, 2010


Beijing Hongli Kunpeng International Trading Co., Ltd. was established on June 10, 2009


Beijing Hongli Kunpeng established the company in Hong Kong in 2005.5.12