16 Bit analog-to-digital converter


Focusing on the research of industrial and automotive grade analog chips.

The products have covered fields such as industrial control, industrial energy storage, communication, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, etc.


China brand for Digital Analog Converter(DAC),It can replace ADI and TI with PIN to PIN

Product list

Note Part No. Package Des. Datasheet Note Part No. Package
HLKP Part No. HS5541 SOP8 2.7V to 5.5V, serial input, voltage output, 16bit analog-to-digital converter
HLKP Part No. HL73360 SOIC28 / TQFP44 16 Bit 64KSPS Six-channel mode ADI Part No. AD73360
HLKP Part No. HL7616 QFP-80 16 Bit 1MSPS 16 Channel mode ADI Part No. AD7616 QFP-80
HLKP Part No. HL7606 QFP-64 16 Bit 200KSPS 8 Channel mode TI. ADI Part No. ADS8588 AD7606 QFP-64
HLKP Part No. HL7625 QFN32 16 Bit 6MSPS Analog-to-digital conversion ADI Part No. AD7625 QFN32
HLKP Part No. HL8568 QFP-64 16 Bit 250KSPS 8 Channel mode TI Part No. ADS8568 QFP-64
HLKP Part No. HL7656 QFP-64 16 Bit 250KSPS 6 Channel mode ADI Part No. AD7656 QFP-64
HLKP Part No. HL7612 LQFP48 16 Bit 500KSPS single channel ADI Part No. AD7612 LQFP48
HLKP Part No. HL1856 SSOP28 16 Bit 100KSPS 8 Channel mode ADI Part No. LT1856
HLKP Part No. HL9764 PGA192 16Bit 100KSPS 64 channel
HLKP Part No HL7980 QFN-10 16Bit 1MSPS single channel ADI Part No. AD7980 QFN-10
HLKP Part No. HL9783 QFN72 16Bit 500MSPS two-channel ADI Part No. AD9783 LFCSP72
HLKP Part No. HL9747 QFN72 16Bit 250MSPS two-channel ADI Part No. AD9747 LFCSP72
HLKP Part No. HL9653 QFN48 16Bit 125MSPS four-channel ADI Part No. AD9653 QFN48
HLKP Part No. HL9269 QFN64 16Bit 80MSPS two-channel ADI Part No. AD9269 LFCSP64
HLKP Part No. HL9268 QFN64 16Bit 125MSPS two-channel ADI Part No. AD9268 LFCSP64
HLKP Part No. HL976 DIP28 16Bit 100KSPS single channel ADI Part No. AD976 DIP28