Have products shown in official website being mass produced? Will sample be available for trial?

All products in Hongli Kunpeng official website have been mass produced, sample is offered upon request. Please go to the section of “contact us” to fill out “Inquiry form“.

Can't the control panel control the recording or tracking host to turn on or off?

Solution: (1) Check whether the power supply of the control panel is normal, whether the main power supply can be turned on, and whether the control panel itself is faulty; (2) Determine whether the recording and tracking hosts have normal power supply; (3) Check if the wiring sequence between the panel and the host is incorrect, and if the connector is loose. If there is an extension cable, check if the extension cable connector is connected incorrectly.

Can't you switch the PPT screen by touching the mouse and keyboard in fully automatic mode?
Solution: (1) Check if the mouse detection software is installed. If not, enter the software download page, download the PC auxiliary software, and install MouseDetector_ V1.3.exe; (2) Check whether the mouse detection software runs normally; (3) Check the automatic control options configured for the broadcast system, whether mouse detection is enabled, and whether the computer IP address and port settings are correct;
Problem solving and operation consultation
1. When zooming in on the camera in the afternoon, the default setting is "4 heads", which should be the zoom out, and "1 head" should be the zoom in; However, it should be noted that there is a zoom value at the bottom of each 'head', which can be modified using the '+' and '-' on the right-hand side. If it has been modified, it needs to be modified back to the original value and can be used normally;
2. There are two ways to record and upload videos to the cloud platform; 1. Recording and broadcasting automatically uploads recorded videos directly to the cloud platform through parameter settings;
3. If the PPT and recorded files of the teacher's lecture are independent of each other, simply copy them directly from the computer;