2023 Russian Electronic Components Exhibition RADEL in St. Petersburg

Date: 2023-08-18

Russian Electronic Components Exhibition 2023 (RADEL)

2023 Russian Electronic Components Exhibition RADEL in St. Petersburg

The Russian Electronic Components Exhibition (RADEL) was held from September 27th.-29th.  2023,  in CEC Expoforum Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. The organizer is FAREXPO.  It will be held once a year.  15,000 square meters, exhibition visitors are expected to reach 30,000, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 350.  It is the most authoritative and largest professional exhibition for electronic components and chips in Russia and the  entire Eastern European region.  It is also an electronics industry exhibition designated by the Russian government to be attended, and it is also the preferred exhibition for the defense electronics industry.

The program attracts a large number of permanent participants and guests. It has been developing alongside the economic sector. The exhibition format enables participants to successfully tackle all of their goals, such as product presentation, acquiring new contacts, selling products. Among the visitors were mainly engineers and developers interested in novelty, as well as middle and senior executives looking for new contracts.

The show has traditionally taken an international format, with companies from both domestic and foreign countries such as the United States, Taiwan, China, Belarus, Serbia and Germany participating in RADEL every year.

The scope of the Exhibition criteria
All kinds of electronic components, electromechanical components, passive components and semiconductor products: chips, secondary transistors, crystals, memory, processors, integrated circuits, electrical and display devices, connectors, RF devices, microwave components, all kinds of micro switches, relays, cables, filters, inductors, resistors, capacitors, transformers, electrical components, magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramic products, etc. Embedded systems, display products, power supplies, batteries, PCBS, ED/EDA and inspection technologies

Venue area: 30,000 square meters

The pavilion address: Russia - st. Petersburg - П е т е р б р f с seem о е ш о с с е 64 seem 1 л и т. А, St Petersburg, 196140